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I received an email from an interesting company today called SEO Dream. They offer information and services to SEO’s which provided inside info into the rankings of domains for popular phrases. In their email they write:

Would you like to know by which popular keywords your site is in the Google
Top100 search results? We found 100,000 most popular keywords, sent 100,000 search requests to Google and got fresh information about positions of sites by popular keywords. Now anyone can visit the site, enter a domain name and find out by which popular keywords this site is in the Google Top100 search results.


Now of course if you make a claim like that I’m going to HAVE to download a report for our site and take a peek at what was found. While that data in the report was not 100% accurate based on what I was currently seeing in the SERP’s there are two considerations I was definitely willing to give:

  1. There are periodic shifts in the rankings and a time delay between when they got their data and when I read the report (i.e. the data may be a few days old), and
  2. They may be accessing a different datacenter than I am. There are currently at least 2 different sets of results that are being served by Google and they may be accessing a different server.

All-in-all the report was fairly accurate and gives a glimpse at how well you’re doing for the more highly searched phrases. Of course, on the other side of that your site’s statistics can often provide a fairly good glimpse as well. 🙂 (provided that you’re in the top 20 anyways).

While I definitely won’t be giving up traditional ranking analytics tactics (like, say, running a search and seeing where you show up or using a tool like WebPosition Gold) it is interesting to see phrases that you aren’t targeting and yet are ranking for that you wouldn’t have thought to run a report or search for.

I look forward to seeing what future services they come up with. If you’re interested or curious you can visit their site for more details at

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