Keyword Research Article

The latest article published by Beanstalk SEO has just been added to our archives.  The article is titled, “Keyword Research Basics for SEO” and is exactly that.  For the experienced there will be little to glean from the article bu it gives a good outline of how to use keyword tools (specifically Google’s) to help assess what your possible targets are.  A followup article will be coming out in the next few days on competition analysis to help our readers turn that keyword research data into a useful SEO strategy.  To read the article just click the link above or visit our SEO articles archive for this and other useful publications.

I’ll post here the second the new article is available and be sure to stay “tuned” – we’ve got some new writers who will be adding their voices to the Beanstalk blog in the next week with a  focus on bringing you more and up-to-date news and analysis.

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