Keyword Research Article Published

Today I published my most recent article. This article is a bit different. It’s on keyword research and is part one of a ten part series. What makes this a bit different is that there will be various authors from various companies publishing in the areas that they know best. We’ll also be supplementing the article which will be published each Thursday with a special on Webmaster Radio where we’ll have a chance to speak with the tools manufacturers and experts in the area spot lighted that week.

Next week Ross Dunn of StepForth will be writing part two on competition analysis and of course, he’ll be a guest on the show along with some guest of his own.

You can read the first article on the Beanstalk site here. You can catch the accompanying radio show on at 2PM PST on Thursday. If you miss it don’t fret, you can download the podcasts free of charge.

You can read the article on the beanstalk site here.

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