Keyword Density & Google Rank Checking Tool Launched

Today we launched my personal favorite of our recent tools and that is a keyword density and Google rank checking tool. Enter any page into the form and we’ll crawl the page, retrieve the most common terms in one, two, and three keyword strings and provide for you the densities of all the terms in the list.

After that we’ll let you select which terms you’re most interested in with checkboxes or you can use a search box to speed things up and we’ll provide your rankings on Google for all the phrases you’re interested in. It’s a great tool and definitely one worth adding to your favorites.

Tip: this isn’t just useful to check your own site. Enter your competitors’ pages and find out what they’re targeting and how they’re ranking.

You’ll find this new tool here and the rest of our tools (now 11 and counting) on our free SEO tools page.

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