Just Some Fun Quasi-Geek Stuff

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the long weekend. 🙂

Due to the fun nature of the day and the upcoming weekend today’s post will cover more entertainment than SEO though the geeks in the crowd will enjoy. First, here are a few fun links that we’ve amassed over the past week:

Mac Ads
The latest series of Mac ads that once again make their point while keeping us amused. Well worth the visit. I should note: I use a PC much to my father’s mocking. Watch those Mac people – I think it’s a cult. 😉

One Red Paper Clip
In one of the more interesting strategies to secure a house one Mr. Kyle MacDonald has gone about it in a very unique way. Starting with a single red paper clip back in July of 2005 he has traded his way up. He managed to trade the paper clip for a fish pen, the fish pen for a door knob, the door knob for a Coleman stove (good deal) and upwards. He’s managed to work his way up to an afternoon with Alice Cooper (who loved the idea and who has a staff member in need of the lodgings (for a year only though, not his own home) he’d worked his way up to before that). So the latest trade he’s wanting to make is for an afternoon with Alice Cooper. The deadline for this has passed but the results as to what he traded for are not yet in. I gotta say, not bad for a guy who stated with one red paper clip.

BJ & Tyler Win The Amazing Race 9 !!!
Well it happened last week. For those of you who’ve been regularly visiting our blog you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of The Amazing Race and an almost bigger fan of the team BJ & Tyler. Well they managed to pull it together and win the $1,000,000 resulting in enormous cheers from me, my wife and my eldest son who may be a bigger fan of their “kooky antics” than I am.

So enjoy you’re weekend all. There is much coming next week to the blog in the way of some free analytics tools and more. But you’ll just have to visit again to get those tips.

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