Joomla! 1.5: A User’s Guide – in review

Our friends over at Joomla Shack recently gave us a copy of this books second edition printing. I was a bit surprised at how easily it read. The book covers the major points a techie would need to know to quickly introduce himself to Joomla including installation, understanding Joomla’s document and menu hierarchy, user hierarchy, its approach to css templates and setting up a test area for yourself with Wamp. (A simple bundle for Windows that sets up Apache, Mysql, and PHP. The software ingredients necessary to run a Joomla website on your own computer for testing and development purposes)

What surprised me was that this book was a very elegant and easy read that I found to be straight forward enough for the average user. But at the same time it covers all the right points to serve as a quick introduction to Joomla for a techie. I will be recommending this book to clients of ours who are Joomla users and would recommend this to anyone out there who is setting up a new Joomla site or anyone who wants a better understanding of the Joomla site they’re already running. I’d also recommend this book to any techies who aren’t familiar with Joomla or who have gotten confused after installing Joomla and asked “how do I make this thing look like my clients website?”.

This book won’t slow you down with long winded explanations about quantum physics and how the web came into being. It focuses strictly on the topic at hand and its highlighted sections with the caption “The least you need to know” tell it like it is in as few words as is reasonably possible. Again I’m still quite surprised to find a book that’s a good quick overview for techies and manages at the same time to be a potential holy grail for average users who need to manage a Joomla site.

Kudos to Barrie North at Joomla Shack for this fine piece of work.

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