Jill Whalen On Links

I just received Jill Whalen’s newsletter (which I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to) and in it she replies to one of her subscribers on how someone with less links is outranking them. This is a point I’ve discussed MANY times on the phone and in emails but I thought it worth posting her comments here as a refresher. The question/answer is:

++Fewer Links, but Better Rankings++

Hi Jill,

I have better backlinks than my competitor and my site is also optimized,
but why is my competitor’s ranking better than mine? Our backlinks are
around 90 and the competitor’s backlinks are around 55. What can I do for
better rankings than the competitor?



++Jill’s Response++

Hi DS,

It’s important to note that the number of backlinks your site has is not as
important as the quality of those backlinks. So basically, you’ll need to
have a great site that attracts other high-quality sites to link to it.

Well said with few words. 🙂 Once again, good advice Jill.

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