Jason Gambert – Oh Yes, We Trust You

Well, the story continues. Back in April we reported on the attempt to trademark the term “SEO” by one Mr. Jason Gambert. If you’re interested in the story, Jim Hedger and I also reported on the story on Webmaster Radio with our guest Sarah Bird from SEOmoz. You can listen to the podcast here.

Well the story gets even worse.

Jason has now been busted trying to manipulate Wikipedia to back his claims. He’s now been banned from editing Wikipedia at all. and this is the guy that’s wanting to trademark SEO just for the good of the community.

I won’t bother repeating the story I read to find out this info. You can read the details about what’s going on now the arteworks.biz site and you can also review the back-and-forths between Wikipedia admins and Jason here.

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