It’s That Time Of Year Again

First, an appology that there was no SEO Blog post yesterday. Unfortunately, due to some issues with our Blogger account (the issue being we couldn’t log in) we were unable to enter a post yesterday. But it appears to be corrected. 🙂

Today’s post is more of a heads-up than specific advice. While for many Christmas is an event in the far-off future, for those of us in the SEO world it’s time to start preparing. things to consider if you’re planning on taking advantage of the Christmas buying season:

  1. Christmas terms are highly competitive.
  2. The Christmas buying season does not start in December, it begins around September.
  3. New sites will be subjected to Google’s sandbox.
  4. Most of your competitors know this.

If you’re going to be targeting phrases that are Christmas-related you’re going to want to get started on that now or by June at the latest. If you take this edge over those who will start in the late summer you will be positioned (with proper SEO) to hold your rankings through the lucrative Christmas season.

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