It’s Ok to Touch…

touchscreenIn a further attempt to swoon the public over to the “touch-side” Intel and Microsoft are leading the way in an attempt to grab the industry’s reigns. I discussed last week how Microsoft was making a bold gambit on the success of touch technology. A CNET article discusses post-CES that there is a definite trend in the laptops that were on display to incorporate touch screen capabilities.

In an attempt to shore up their PC partners, Intel issued an edict stating that all new next generation ultrabooks based on its Haswell chipset, will be touch. Both companies are state that touch enabled tablets and detachable/convertible computers will become the computer of choice. Meaning that your next laptop purchase will likely be touch; whether you like it or not.

So what is a convertible computing device? Products like the HP EliteBook Revolve and the Lenovo Yoga are made with swivel touch screens that are non-detachable from the unit. Because the processor and other related electronics are located under the keyboard, they offer higher performance as the form factor allow for cooler operating processors.

Detachable computers are basically tablets with integrated keyboard docks. Products such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix place the processor behind the screen which typically results in a lower performing, higher efficiency processors. One exception to this is theThinkPad Helix, which manages to use a standard Intel Ivy Bridge chip into their tablet.

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