It’s Not SEO But It’s Still An Amazing Race & Odd Traffic

For those of you who frequent our blog to keep posted on the latest and greatest in the SEO world you’ll know that I’m a HUGE fan of The Amazing Race and specifically, contestants BJ and Tyler. Last week we found them at the back of the pack but fortunately (for me at least) they were not eliminated. They started with $0, were given $30 by two other contestants at the beginning and headed off. They picked up a hitch-hiker along the way to the airport and received some free gas and food for their troubles and after a thorough ransacking on the plane for cash they would up with $300 (more than the other contestants).

The finished this leg of the race in third position (yeah). Once again I get to look forward to next week’s episode.

On a sadder note, the elder contestants Fran & Barry lost and were kicked out of the race. A shame as I liked watching this couple race together after 40 years of marriage. But better them than BJ & Tyler. 🙂

Now of course, this is all well-and-good however you most certainly didn’t visit us today for a TV update (I’m sure you’re just viewing that as a pleasant by-product). So in a related matter I’d like to mention the power of blogs.

Looking through our stats I noticed that we’re getting a good deal of traffic for the phrase “bj and tyler”. A simple blog post on our site about the Google Calendar with a short not about BJ and Tyler is currently ranking on the first page of both Google and Yahoo! This resulted in a reasonable deal of traffic for this unexpected phrase.

Blogs are useful tools for both site visitors and SEO and if you haven’t added one yet … do. It gives a site owner the opportunity to keep their visitors updated on current news from their field and ad a page of relevant content to their site with each post. It can also be a good money generator. While we at Beanstalk have decided to keep our blog ad-free, adding AdSense ads to it is a simple matter and can provide an additional revenue stream for your business, even if you’re ranking for phrases that are unrelated to your direct industry.

If you’re going to add a blog to your site we recommend (and use) Blogger. While there are many blog systems out there that are good Blogger is the one owned by Google. If you always want to make sure that your blog is easily read by Google then why not choose a system you know they’ll always be able to read. 🙂

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