ISEDN Launched

Jayde Online, the company that runs ExactSeek and SiteProNews, launched a new search engine and directory network earlier this week at

This network is essentially a directory of independant search engines and directories making it a great resource during your link building efforts. They will be adding in a forum in the near future and if it’s anything like the resources Jayde Online has created in the past it’s definitely one to watch.

This site is brand new (reflected in it’s PR0 status) but we’ve already added it to our bookmarks as it’s sure to be a solid resource that provides a great forum and a good network of directories and search engines to submit your site too for extra exposure and links.

You can visit this newly launched resource at I would recommend adding it to your favorites. While it’s useful now, in a couple months once the forum is up and populated and the directory grows it’s sure to become even more powerful than it is today.

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