Is Duplicate Content Sp@m?

I’ve got to go with a big “Y – E – S” on this one but apparently the engines don’t all agree. When I reported the first in the list below I expected that it might take a bit but the duplication was so obvious (and from a MUCH newer site) that they couldn’t help but take it down. As of today, none of the engines have penalized the site and I’ve received no response from the site owner (surprise surprise).

So that got me thinking, I wonder who else I taking our content? And thus was born a short list of sites that have stolen our content (short only because I’m only counting some limited homepage content – our articles and blog posts are likely the most stolen). Note, links are to the pages just to make sure you can see what we see. 🙂

  • – These are the first guys I found. They’ve basically copied our whole site. I reported them back in August but they’re still in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  • – They took content from our homepage and services. Gotta love that.
  • – This is my favorite. It’s a role playing game site that’s service is to get your players advanced in the cyberworld. If there was a service more geeky than ours – I’ve found it.
  • – They didn’t take a TON of our content (i.e. we’ve found worse but they took enough of it to get picked up on the first and subsequent queries).
  • – Ripped off tons from our services and homepage. They even took an image we purchased. Hope nobody let’s the folks we bought the image from know. 😉
  • – Just a little bit of “borrowing”. A bit, but enough to get caught in our searching.

Now that’s just from some phrases on the homepage and without listing proxies. Eventually I’m going to have to just set aside a couple weeks of one of my guy’s time to ransack the net and find all the offenders. Thanks thieves, it’s only going to cost us lost productivity and a couple thousand dollars in employee time.

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