Interview With Sentor Dorgan

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Senator Dorgan yesterday for a few minutes. The content of the interview will be aired tomorrow on my weekly Webmaster Radio radio show with co-host Jim Hedger. Mr. Dorgan introduced the ‘Internet Freedom Preservation Act’ into congress to help preserve net neutrality.

On the show tomorrow we will also be speaking with Craig Aaron from, a website and coalition dedicated to preserving net neutrality. It’ll be a great show.

Now I’m going to admit my bias, I support net neutrality but with that I have to give fair time to each side so here we have clips of Senator Dorgan (supports net neutrality) and Senator Stevens (against). You be the judge:

Senator Dorgan speaking in support of net neutrality:

Senator Stevens speaking against net neutrality:

Video removed

See … I might be biased but I feel it’s only fair to give time for each side to voice their opinions. 😉

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