If All Three Report It … It Must Be True

If all three search engines agree … it must be true right? If that’s the case then Beanstalk SEO is composed of the nicest staff and people you’ll meet. For our regular blog readers you’ll remember that last Friday I decided to run a test when I found that “polite seo” was actually a searched term to see how long it would take us to rank. 3.5 hours later it was ranking top 3 on Google for the phrase, then disappeared and early in the week the page was ranking #1 (woohoo … WE ROCK … secured a #1 ranking for a phrase with ~1 search/day 🙂

Well I just checked today and now we’ve got #1 on all three engines which means (since they can’t all be wrong right?) that Beanstalk SEO is the most polite of SEO firms. That’s all for now my good ladies and gentlemen. Please do excuse me whilst I end this blog post though I do hope you don’t take it as an insult that I’m not taking more time. I must sleep to serve you in the manner you so richly deserve.

With sincere best wishes and kind regards …

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