I (L) NY

Well in my home town of Victoria, BC a *rush* job for business cards would be next day at best. Not in New York. The fine folks at FedEx Kinkos (we don’t have one in Victoria) had me processed within 15 minutes including proofing the first set and will have 200 cards done and ready to be picked up at noon, about an hour after I dropped them off.

Now, to those of you from New York this may seem pretty normal but for a *bumpkin* like me this is incredible. And so I need to give some props and kudos to the fine folks at Kinkos on 52nd. The staff was pleasant and great to deal with and your service was second to none. Anyone else needing printing in New York during SES? You know where to go.

So now the show really begins for me. Fortunately there wasn’t much in the morning sessions I was interested in (not to say they weren’t good, just that if I had to miss a couple sessions – these were good ones to miss although I would have loved to hear Danny speak at the SEM Fundamentals session. Oh well, he’ll be speaking again tomorrow and I’ll be there for it.

So lunch is about to start and that’s where the real fun begins (at least until the evening parties). networking and chatting with some of the bigger names at SES. I’ll be there and reporting shortly thereafter. 🙂

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