Hostway Hosting Sticks It To Valueweb Hosting Clients

I just got off the phone with one of my clients that is irate with Hostway Hosting which recently purchased the hosting company he was with Valueweb Hosting. Now mergers and acquisitions in the hosting sector are rather common as it is a quick way for a hosting company such as Hostway Hosting to pick up additional clients with little effort. However there are ways to do a seamless hosting acquisitions, and then there are ways that just leave clients high and dry, this is exactly what Hostway Hosting has done for him.

Yesterday this client received an email from Hostway Hosting specifying that they were about to upgrade his account within the next 48 hours over to their hostway web servers, and on top of that Hostway hosting was going to charge them close to 50% more for the same hosting! In both my eyes and his eyes this is unacceptable as quite often when running an e-commerce site there is a lot of under the hood code changes that may be required. In fact this client has a legacy Perl website, that uses a shared SSL certificate Valueweb had provided and there was no indication that Hostway would have one for them. It is no where near acceptable that they expected all of the website changes to be done within 48 hours, I have lots of clients whose webmasters take several weeks to make changes to their websites!

As it stands the client has asked me which web hosting company I recommend because he is done with Hostway Hosting. I tried to call them to talk to someone over there about this and found it rather humerus that there tag line was “Where we are passionate about web hosting”, passionate is such a funny word. I tried to get a hold of someone in marketing through the Hostway SEO & Web Design sales department but after waiting on hold for over 10 minutes I decided to just give up as the passion was surely lacking.

So Hostway Hosting is now on the Beanstalk SEO web hosting blacklist along with Network Solutions, IXWebhosting, and Go Daddy’s free web hosting.

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