Here We Go Again …

Well is was an enjoyable 12 hours but the folks over at Google are up to it again and the visible PageRank (that green bar) is on the move once again. This latest round appears to be an effort to correct some of the wrongs (basically, to give PageRank back to those that shouldn’t have lost it). This leaves me with a big question, if we didn’t see any change in the rankings and the site’s aren’t selling links then who cares?

While I don’t put stock in what the green bar tells me, it is of course interesting to monitor what’s going on (and of course to consider what must be happening at the text link brokers). Bought a PR7? Might be a PR3 but is it worth the same $30/mth you were paying? 😉

So all I can really recommend to our valued visitors is to do the same as I am (and this is coming from a guy who’s site went from a 6 to a 4) … relax, drink some Chai tea and check your rankings. They probably weren’t affected and so in the end … who cares? 🙂

And so from there I’m going to meander onto a new topic and one that’s a lot more interesting – branding vs. marketing vs. advertising. Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell the different between one and the other and so I was happy to see that Neil Patel (apparently as funny as he is smart) posted a GREAT post to illustrate the difference. You can read it on his blog here.

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