Happy Birthday – Here’s A FREE Tool

Let’s begin with the free tool shall we? ClickTracks (award winning and excellent web analytics software) in now offering a free service called ClickTracks Appetizer. The service includes many of the most popular features of the bigger ClickTracks packages but … it’s free. As a teaser they’re also turning on all the features of the more robust “ClickTracks Analyzer” for one day each month.

While this is certainly in reaction to Google Analytics coming out free, it’s a great reaction and a great piece of software. We at Beanstalk use ClickTracks Pro but of course our needs are far higher than the average user who is only monitoring a single site and who don’t need to be able to access it remotely or allow for clients to login to check their stats.

We’ve given Appetizer a try and it’s definitely worth a peek. It will likely be enough for many who just want a bit more detail than the stats provided by their hosting companies and for those who need even more this is a great way to test out ClickTracks, if you can wait for the “free Analyzer” day you’ll get to experience all the bells-and-whistles this program has to offer.

More details on the free offering and on ClickTracks in general can be found on the ClickTracks website here.

And while normally our less-SEO related posts are reserved for Fridays one cannot help it when an event such as a birthday falls on a Thursday. And so today’s we wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mary, Beanstalk’s President. Everyone here wishes you the very best on your day. 🙂

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