Happy 2009 !!!

2009 has started off great thanks to Advanced Web Ranking and Top SEOs. Advanced Web Ranking made it a great morning by providing me with the monthly ranking reports for a number of our clients. So I suppose it isn’t *really* Advanced Web Ranking so much as a great team of dedicated SEOs and link builders who made that a great experience but I’ve got enough happiness to go around.

And Top SEOs helped make it a great morning by once again handing us two awards:

As with Advanced Web Ranking – I suppose it’s more our great staff that I have to thank for these awards but I’ll do that when I get back from holidays … for now I’ll thank Top SEOs for recognizing our hard work and presenting us with this honor.

And a big thanks to you as well – our blog readers and clients. We grew teremendously in 2008 and I’m looking forward to growing with you through 2009. Watch for some big changes to our blog frequency and free SEO tools in the near future.

A Reminder

Don’t forget to change the copyright date on your websites.

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