Groupon IPO Could Hit $25 Billion

As discussed in previous posts here at Beanstalk, Groupon was offered $6 billion from Google in one of the biggest takeover bids ever. Much to the amazement of many, Groupon declined the offer stating that they would be going public with the company in an IPO. Groupon is a deal-of-the-day site that offers online discounts and coupons in local, geo-specific targets.

When Google went public in 2004, they had an IPO with a 24.6 billion valuation. Now, a few months after the initial offer from Google, Bloomberg and others are reporting that Groupon seems to on the verge of an IPO worth approximately $25 billion. This is up significantly up from the $15 billion the company was valued at just a couple of months ago.

Even if Groupon does not break the former record from Google, it seems likely to become only the fifth venture-backed company to achieve a $10 billion valuation at the time of its IPO. Groupon is certainly focused on becoming a super company; their Chinese site has just begun to offer online deals in that country and they show no signs of stopping there. Google is now worth approximately $180 billion. The possibility of Groupon reaching this level of worth remains to be seen, but they certainly on the right track.

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