Grisoft Supoenas Microsoft

I’ve gotta admit, I can’t confirm whether this is true or not and I found this info at so it’s worth noting that it’s likely true – but not 100% guaranteed (you know – like our SEO services ;).

Microsoft has been subpoenaed by Grisoft, developers of the AVG anti-virus software (great software – I use it at home) for allowing the website to appear in the SERPs.

Well, at least it did. A search as of a few moments ago for the domain by URL produced 0 results – on MSN/Live at least though it can still be found on both Google and Yahoo! engines but not in what any of us would consider to be “prominent positions”. 🙂

And if you decide to visit the site in Firefox you get the friendly warning “Suspected Web Forgery”. You can see an image of it above. You know, in case any of you might want to go there to download the AVG anti virus software.

So it appears supoenas work – at least, if the story is true. 🙂 And to give credit where it’s due – you can read the full story on the Inquirer website here (Link removed – no longer available).

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