Gotta Love Firefox Developers :)

Well I’ve just discovered yet another fantastic extension for the Firefox browser that is a “must have” for people interested in SEO or just easily snooping the links and rankings of your competitors’ sites. 🙂

First, of course, you’ll need to have the Firefox browser. If you don’t already have it this is reason #74 to download, install and use Firefox over it’s main competitor Internet Explorer. You can download Firefox here.

After you’ve downloaded Firefox and if you’re interested in SEO (which I can only assume from the fact that you’re visiting our SEO news blog) you’ll want to download a bunch of extensions for it. Firefox comes with very few “bells and whistles” but because it’s open source there are developers around the world, many great creations have been built that provide services and information beyond anything that a single company could/would produce.

The extension I’m recommending here is called SEO Links and is available from WebMasterBrain (link removed – resource no longer exists.) I can’t describe it better than they can on their own site so you’ll just have to visit them to find out the great details it can provide.

If you haven’t downloaded Firefox before and you don’t have the other extensions we’ve recommended you’ll want to check out our past blog post on the topic here for links to a number of other great tools for the SEO.

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