Google’s “SERP-cuts”

I was performing some searches the other day and noticed a little blue arrow on the SERPs (Search ENgine Results Pages). Since I do not normally use Google Instant, I didn’t notice it right away. After digging around in other blogs, I found that the “little blue arrow” was part of the new Google Instant feature that allows for navigation of the SERPs with keyboard shortcuts.

How Does it Work?

The feature will only be active if you have Google Instant enabled. Start by conducting a normal search (such as “seo services” for example). Press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard before clicking on the “SEARCH” button.

The little blue arrow that appears next to the first result in the SERPS is your “cursor” and shows you your current selection. You can then use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to aid in your navigation of the SERPs.

While I do not really use Google Instant I do appreciate keyboard shortcuts and find that they really do help in so many ways to increase the efficiency in my day to day job. These are a few of the common one I like to use.

  • CTRL+C (Copy)
  • CTRL+X (Cut)
  • CTRL+V (Paste)
  • CTRL+Z (Undo)
  • CTRL+Y (Redo)
  • CTRL+S (Save)
  • WIN+D (Minimize all windows and go to desktop)
  • WIN+E (Opens Windows explorer)
  • ALT+TAB (cycles through open programs)
  • CTRL+TAB (cycle through open tabs in a browser)
  • CTRL+T (open new tab in browser)

While I do applaud Google for taking a proactive approach in this area, I would like to see these “SERP-cuts” (Google Isntant SERP shortcuts) without needing to use Google Instant. Your move Google.

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