Google’s New Hot Searches

Google has just announced a new update to their search feature Google Trends, called "Hot Searches." This allows users performing searches in Google Trends to see a list of trending search terms in the U.S. to offer a glimpse into the public’s collective mind.

google trends

The Hot Searches list is updated hourly from an algorithm that analyzes millions of searched and then determines which queries are trending topics. The service has been given a new look and feel to make the interface more visual and now groups trending searches together to give you more detailed data regarding those searches.

google trends

Images and links to new articles allow the user a quick overview to see exactly why these topics are trending and the ability to find out more about them instantly. Previous versions only allowed a user to view 20 daily results.

The new system incorporates filtering to ensure that only the hottest stories of the day are shown. Newest and faster rising search terms usually refer to the same news story.

Google has now aggregated them into one entry, which lists all the "Related searches" that go along with the main story. An additional new feature provides an indication of how many related searches have been conducted for each topic within the 24 hour period in which it was trending.

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