Google’s At It Again !!!

Well it appears that Google’s at it again. What appears to be yet another update (and a significant one in some cases at that) looks to be starting on various Google datacenters. Also included in this update should be a backlink update as the backlink counts on various centers appears to be shuffling between two different numbers.

From initial analysis this update appears to be restricted to an algorithm update. The backlink counts don’t appear to be affecting the new results. A point to note, Google pick up new backlink counts internally on an ongoing basis. Link PageRank, the only make this data public periodically but they are using new backlinks in their results as they are detected.

For the web-obsessed out there (and we know who we are right?) there’s a great tool to help you quickly and easily monitor multiple datacenters. Best of all … it’s free. McDar provides a free tool to search accross multiple datacenters simultaneously. You can find this tool at Very useful and I would recommend adding it to your Favorites (or “Bookmarks” for those of us who use Firefox).

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