Google X Developing Nano Paticles For Health Screening

Google X Innerspace

When most people hear the word Google they think of search or advertising; but there is another branch of Google called Google X that in the words of Astro Teller has been set up to do some ”audacious positive things for the world”. Google X has brought the concept of a self-driving car and Google glasses, and more, but the latest revelation of the life sciences division is a project called the “nano particle platform.”

Recently Google’s Andrew Conrad discussed the life sciences team’s latest efforts to create magnetized particles that would patrol the body for signs of cancer, disease or health issues in an effort to improve early detection and treatment. Conrad has stated that “thousands of these magnetized particles can fit within a red blood cell, or millions could fit in a grain of sand.”

Of course this raises concerns over the amount of data Google could collect about our health, given the ability to monitor us around the clock. However, Conrad has stated that Google would more than likely license the technology, so as not to be a part of data collection and storage.

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