Google Vs The World

In a recent article by BusinessWeek they discuss Google and the recent moves they’ve been making into other sectors. While many of these moves seem highly related to attracting more visitors to, some of the decisions are either clouded in mystery or are leaving analysts (and at least this one SEO) scratching their heads. But while we may not know what they always have in mind, it’s sure to shake up the Internet and computing world.

While I could regurgitate the information from the article it is definitely best read as written. The article is short and an easy read that will give the reader insight into some of the directions Google is moving in. Irrelevant to SEO? Hardly. Understanding what a major SE giant like Google is doing, even if it’s not 100% understood why, will keep us ready to react to the changes in the industry well before others (including our online competitors :). and to understand these changes when they do occur.

You can read the article on the BusinessWeek website at

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