Google Update & YaBing!

For those of you who have noticed significant fluctuations in your rankings – you’re not alone. Across the web people have reported significant changes in their rankings. We at Beanstalk were fortunate on this one in that we had ranking reports running for the past few days and got to watch the changes over the course off the report. A happy coincidence. 🙂

Unfortunately the algorithm shift isn’t particularly favorable to solid site optimization.  There was an odd connection is what we’re seeing.  Site that had link building that focused on high relevancy and high trustability lost ground and sites who’s links building was focused on volume in recent months have gained ground.  This indicated a shift to volume over quality.  For obvious reason we’re convinced that this shift won’t last.

This shift in quality isn’t just apparent in the sites we’re working on but as we analyze various sites across the web we’re noticing a larger degree of lower quality backlinked sites ranking.

Now – to be sure we’re always in favor of diversified link building strategies and that includes strategies that focus more on volume and other strategies that focus on trust  and relevancy but from everything we can see indicates that this update puts a disproportionate emphasis on volume.  I expect to see the rankings shift again – likely over the weekend.

I should note that this isn’t just something we’re noticing but that has been noticed by a wide array of SEO’s.  My advice?  Don’t react too quickly – corrections are coming and you don’t want to adjust the wrong way.

And in other news …

And also noticeable in the current ranking report we’re running for our clients is the merging of Yahoo! and Bing search results.  A couple days ago Yahoo! announced that their organic results in North America were being fed by Bing.  This is of course the first set of ranking reports though that have refected this.    This is (in my opinion) very exciting news and you can read more about it on Search Engine Journal here.

And stay tuned – I’ll be posting more as the Google update continues.

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