Google Update Underway

I’ve had to call a few clients to proactively talk them off a ledge and I thought that perhaps I’d do well to post some recent going’s on at Google up on the blog for everyone. There is an update underway over at chez Google. There appear to be at least 3 sets of data going around and a simple Refresh can provide different results for the same search depending on the datacenter you happen to hit.

In general the differences appear to be minor however I have seen a few cases where a site that is in the top 10 on one isn’t in the top 30 on another.

This updates seems to be a little more major that we’ve seen in a while. I haven’t had time to analyze what’s going on yet and honestly – I’ll probably wait until later in the weekend when things start to stabilize before I look into it too much (why try to study a moving target when you can wait for it to rest?) If there’s anything interesting to note after the update has settled you can be sure I’ll be writing about it here.

I wish you all luck through this update (unless of course you run an SEO company 😉

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