Google Update?

Every SEO who’s been watching Google’s results over the past few days (which can hopefully be read, “every SEO”) is undoubtedly looking, wondering what’s Google’s doing that’s resulting in more sp@m at the top of the results and some drops felt by totally relevant and properly optimized sites.

To those who are wondering I would suggest not to panic just yet. Base on the current flux and past Google trends this is not the end of it. Undoubtedly Google is simply applying and testing some algorithm tweaks to see how it goes on specific datacenters and sometimes even with specific industries.

I will stick with my initial prediction of the full update this Friday evening. Unfortunately I may be (oh how I hate to say it) wrong on this count. It may come a bit later than my initial projection depending on the amount of retweaking they’ll have to do after this round of testing.

In short, don’t panic just yet. Keeping watching the Beanstalk SEO News Blog and we’ll keep you posted as to when the full update occurs. Then you can panic. 🙂

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