Google Update

Yesterday’s post noted the SEO effects of violating Google’s guidelines (i.e. your site is going to get penalized). This is a topic we discussed some time ago in our article, “Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine“. If anything it holds more true today than it did them.

Well, for those of you who have been using ethical SEO tactics in the optimization your websites you will enjoy what’s currently going on in the Google rankings. There is currently an fairly significant update running across the Google datacenters that seems (in our early analysis) to be rewardng ethical tactics and weeding out the sp@m.

The only tip we have for you regarding this current update (as noted, we’re still early in our analysis) is that quality links have increased in importance. Do not confuse the word quality with quantity here. This is an increasingly important distinction Google is getting a very good handle on.

A very useful tool you’ll want to consider adding to your favorites to monitor this and future Google updates can be found on the McDar site at This tool allows you to quickly and easily search multiple datacenters at the same time. Very good for monitoring what’s going on during an update. It’s also handy at other times as Google is showing different results depending on the datacenter you’re hitting so you can see what’s going on across different datacenters though during updates the results are very different whereas normally there are only slight differences.

Keep watching the Beanstalk blog for more and updated news on this update and other important events in the search engine and SEO world.

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