Google Update

Well leave it to Google to spank SEO’s by making us work on the Friday night before Christmas. 🙂 There’s an update starting. At this time it appears to be fairly minor with only a few tweaks however there are some odd “goings on” across various datacenters with some only showing domain names as the title in the results so monitoring is definitely on the agenda for the weekend.

The last such update hit SEO and a number of other category sites first and then migrated to the “real world” within a couple days. Perhaps they feel it’s best to test their algorithms on those hired to game them. 🙂

At this time there appears to be a slight shift towards onsite factors with body text holding more weight than previously and backlinks slightly reduced in their overall weight. There are some apparent adjustments to the way backlinks are being weighted though we only detected the update about an hour ago and thus, we haven’t had time to fully analyze this yet. As soon as we’ve had more time to dig deeper into the backlink issue we’ll report back.

Good luck to all of you though this update and happy holidays. 🙂

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