Google To Own The Internet

Google has announced a major investment into Hearst Corp. and Goldman Sachs, a company that provides high speed Internet access over electrical power lines. According to the Wall Street Journal this investment reportedly approached $100 million.

What this means, if we may be given the liberty to speculate, is that Google will effectively be able to provide free high speed Internet access for anyone near a power source (and I assume that you’re computer is plugged in correct?)

While Microsoft focuses on integrating their search into the newest browser slated to come out in the fall of 2005, Google is obviously focusing on providing yet another great service free and further enhancing their hold over not just where you search, but how you access the Internet.

As their popularity among searchers diminished slightly Google is obviously looking forward and positioning themselves to “monopolize” not just search but the Internet as a whole.

Based on the Q2 report yesterday and their projected slowing during Q3 due to seasonal considerations Google stock has dropped today. If any of those investors had taken the time to actually research all that’s going on over at Google HQ they might just have held on a bit longer and absorbed the slight decline in stock value for Q3 in exchange for the increased they are sure to see in Q4 (’tis the season after all) and the long term value increases sure to come as Google diversifies it’s revenue streams and enhances their hold over the Internet in general.

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