Google Speaks About The Count

In an interesting addition to Dave’s article of the 27th titled “Google Drops The Count” – Google has published a page where they talk in depth about their index size and how they consider it to be three times larger than any other search engine’s.

So how big is Google’s index?
Search engines’ published metrics for index size measurement vary greatly and are no longer easily comparable. Often, for instance, web crawlers retrieve duplicate entries for one page or links to documents that they haven’t crawled, and whose content thus isn’t in the index. At Google we believe the essential quality of an index isn’t the total number of documents, but its comprehensiveness – which unique documents are in the index. So we don’t count duplicate or uncrawled pages. According to our internal testing, our newly expanded search index is more than three times larger than that of any other search engine.

It once again shows that google is more interested in quality, rather than quantity — but by focussing on the quality, they have appear to have achieved quantity as well. We’ll be interested to see how Yahoo! responds to this.

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