Google Sitemaps Generator

There are MANY online tools for automatically creating a Google sitemap. Some are good, some are … well … not so good. Generally the biggest frustration with many of these free tools (and I try to remember the cost before I complain) is the number of pages and the depth of the pages it will include.

For those who may not be interested in installing scripts, etc. there’s a handy sitemap generator that’s free as long as you’re site is less than 500 pages. You can set the default change frequency and priority however you’ll have to go in manually after-the-fact and update the values as appropriate. For instance, not every page on your site should be set at a priority of 1.0. You may love your site but there are apges that are higher in priority than others. To use the Beanstalk site as an example, the only pages on the site with a 1.0 priority are the homepage, our blog homepage, our guarantee page, and our main services page. The rest of the pages fall between 0.1 and 0.9 (of course). Similarly, not every page changes with the same frequency. Our blog and homepage are set at a change freqency of “daily” whereas the majority of other pages are set at either monthly or yearly as they change far less often.

I only mention these things to point out that simply running the generator and posting the results isn’t enough. You’ll actually have to go into it and adjust some of the values. You can find this generator at Once the map is made you can visit the Google Sitemaps page and submit it. You’ll be insured that all the pages of your site are found and they also provide some interesting stats too if you verify your site.

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