Google Rankings Could Soon Be Affected By Mobile Experience

Mobile SEO

Being Mobile-Friendly may be the next thing to look at when optimizing your website for Google. At last week’s SMX East conference in New York Gary Illyes pressed the issue of user experience and it looks like Googlebot now also putting on it’s mobile goggles when looking at websites. This combined with the recent global rollout of flash warnings in SERPs, suggests that Google will be putting more and more emphasis on mobile UX in the future.

For newer websites, designed with mobile in mind, there shouldn’t be much of change in rankings either way; but older sites may want to consider putting a mobile version to avoid a ranking hit. If in doubt, check your site out on a phone, just to make sure it’s readable and usable.

If your business is developing a new website or just giving the old one a facelift, building a responsive design that works across devices is a good way to avoid a bump from Google, and engage a wider audience.

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