Google Patents & Danny Sullivan

Well there’s two big topics today that deserve mention:

  1. Google recent patent application, and
  2. Danny Sullivan leaving SEW

Google Recent Patent Application

On August 22 Google applied for a patent titled, “System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results”. This patent is a move away from the typical Google-philosophy of “algorithms rule” to a more Yahoo!-esk approach to ranking website which required human intervention to determine the value of specific sites and then rank sites highly based on their associations with the sites given a favorable rank.

This application also alludes to individuals having the ability to play a role in the ranking of website but this will be far into the future as far as this SEO is concerned. Every time Google comes up with a new ranking factor it is quick to be gamed and one can only assume that they are learning from this and be very careful in how the allow human intervention in determining the trust (sound familiar?) of a site.

This seems to *coincidentally* tie into the hiring of Ori Allon and the purchasing of the rights to the Orion algorithm. Methinks Ori had just a little something to do with this.

While patents don’t necessarily mean that the engines will be following through they do give a very solid glimpse at the direction they’re heading in.

As a note: this patent application will likely make the list of things I make myself read on a monthly basis (yes, I have things I make myself read (and highlight) every month). You can find the application here.

Danny Sullivan Leaves Search Engine Watch

This is BIG news !!! While reading the SiteProNews blog it was brought to my attention by Jim Hedger (if you’ve been to this blog on even a semi-regular basis you’ve likely heard him mentioned repeatedly) that Danny Sullivan is leaving Search Engine Watch and will no longer be hosting the Search Engine Strategies Conferences.

While instinct is to say that this is a big blow to the SEO community in general as Danny has been a true voice for the industry as well as an exceptional source of insight into the search engines themselves I have no doubt that we will be hearing from him again down the road.

You can read about the reasons, etc. on Danny’s personal blog at (Link removed – no longer available).

We hate to see him go but look forward to seeing what he does next. 🙂

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