Google PageRank Update

It’s always good to start one’s morning with a pick-me-up. Some like coffee, some like a run, but I’ll be honest: nothing gets my blood pumping like walking into the office on a Monday morning to a PageRank update. Well fortunately for me, that’s exactly what I walked into this morning.

This latest Google PageRank update and what it’s effect is on websites poses little surprise. Basically they have once again raised the bar on PageRank making it more difficult to attain higher levels. Does this make it harder to get your website high in the search engine results? Not at all.

If your PageRank took a bit of a dip in this latest update or perhaps didn’t increase by as much as you hoped you have to keep in mind that when Google raises the bar on PageRank they’re not just creating some unique rule for you and you alone. If you look into your major competitors you’ll undoubtedly find that they too have decrease or, if they’re taking active measure to responsibly increase their PageRank, that they like held at their pre-update levels or increased only slightly. Your competitors too have had the bar raised so it’s still a level playing-field.

Other than a shifting in that little green bar on your Google toolbar (or the QuirkStatus extension for Firefox).

The only downside to this update is that it overshadows the blog post I was going to make today and shall here anyways.

I picked up a copy of Time Canada over the weekend, sucked in by the cover which included a picture of Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin. The article covered much of what’s changed at Google with thier launch into a $100 billion dollar company. The article also includes a section on being a Google Expert with tons of interesting facts and interviews with the “big three” over at the Googleplex.

You can read the full article on the Time website at,9171,1158961,00.html. Something I really like about Time is that they don’t make you have a membership to read their articles online. If you have a membership you get access to a few different features and you also get to skip some advertising however if you want to read the full article without paying for a membership you need only watch a short ad and it’s all yours. 🙂

The image above of Brin, Schmidt & Page playing with Legos is copyright Time Inc.

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