Google Launches $50 Million”Made With Code” Campaign

Today on its official blog, Google Announced that it will be launching a campaign named “Made With Code” in order to encourage and introduce girls into the realm of computer science. The program, backed by $50 million, is an attempt to bring young girls and women into a realm that is often dominated by men. The Made with code website offers girls/young women  several introductory projects, including: coding a bracelet for 3d printing, creating an avatar, animate a gif,  and create beats using Blocky.

Blockly is a web-based, visual programming editor created by Google and used by services such as and MIT’s App Inventor. Blocky is used to teach beginning coders the concepts of coding in a fun, visual way. Some of the core coding concepts that are covered in the projects using Blockly include variables, coordinates, statements, strings, and sequence. The project offers a variety of projects from beginner to intermediate skill levels and offers mentors and community support through social media.

Made With Code is not Google’s first foray the world of coding instruction targeted at women. Since 2010 they have invested close to $40 Million in organizations such as, NCWIT, Girls Who Code. It is estimated that less than 1% of women enter into the  computer science field while attending university or college, even though it is one of the fastest growing industries. For more information about the program be sure to check out the official website at or view some of the inovative and inspirational videos created by the  some of the mentors of the program.

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