Google Keywords & A Test Of Links & Webmaster Radio

Google Keywords

Google has just started showing the estimated monthly search numbers in their keyword suggestion tool. For the first time in a long while we’re now able to see the estimated search numbers on the engine who’s results we most want to see the results of.

As a word of warning, after using it and comparing the numbers with the click through volume for a number of phrases, the number appear to be a bit high – that’s because it defaults to Broad Match but you can select Exact Match from the drop-down and get the the numbers you’re looking for.

You’ll find this new feature added to the Google tool here.

A Test Of Links

Also, there was an interesting test run by Johannes Beusand published on the site regarding the value of multiple links to a single page on residing on a single page of a website. He basically strives to answer the question, if there are two or more links on a single page of a site and they point to a single page on another site – how are they treated?

I’m not going to be mean and note everything from the site here and steal their traffic. 🙂 You’ll find the link to this interesting test here.

Webmaster Radio

And today on Webmaster Radio Jim Hedger and I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Ryan – the man behind SES. Kevin discussed the show, the organizing of it, and some of the great sessions that’ll be held in San Jose.

After that (and some ranting by both Jim and myself about the stupid fees we Canadians are charged for cell phones and specifically web usage on them) we had on Dave Szetela from Clix Marketing discussing the recent changes Google has made to the quality scores for it’s AdWords advertisers.

Again, I could repeat the discussion but it was based on a couple posts covered elsewhere here and here.

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