Google Has Shut Off PageRank !!!

Google appears to have shut off the displaying of PageRank in the toolbar. The first report of this that I was able to find was at 6:57PM PST.

Whether this is the “end of PageRank” as some predict, the end of PageRank being displayed in the toolbar, or simply a glitch in the Google system – perhaps related to the current backlink update is yet to be seen.

If they’re turning of PageRank altogether I honestly believe that’s a bad step. If they’re simply going to stop displaying it in the toolbar that’s probably a good thing. Stop those pesky SEOs from hunting down and attaining high PageRank sites to link with. 😉
(honestly, the benefit of this for all is that we’d all switch from our preoccupation with PageRank and shift to a preoccupation with relevancy which is the way it should be anyways)

This appears to be affecting all datacenters.

As an aside, if you are curious about your PageRank the Google Directory is still displaying current PageRanks and was updated just a few days ago.

Stay tuned for updates on this development. (And here I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend. 🙂

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