Google Fridge?

Well, as if controlling what’s you see on the Internet wasn’t enough Google is now working to control how you eat. With numerous launches of new products it was only a matter of time until they found a way to tie into not just our hearts, but also our stomachs.

Google Fridge is just this step. And how much for this new item that both cools and heats food? A mere $179.50 (plus $18 shipping).

So what’s the catch?

Well, the catch is that it was a one-off on eBay and unfortunately for us and our location up here in the Great White North (thus running searches with the criteria “Available To Canada”) we missed it (I personally would have paid more than $180 for this one). You can check out one of Google’s fridges on the eBay website here (Note: link removed as it’s no longer active on eBay).

If nothing else you’ll get a glimpse of what the staff of Google get as a perk beside their desks (of course when I type “perk” what I mean is “a cheap way to keep you at their desks rather than wasting time traveling to the cafeteria ;).

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