Google Flux

Last Monday we reported that Google was in a state of flux. There was some minor stabalization late last week (i.e. there was still some up-and-downs but things were mainly quiet) and now we’re seeing an odd bag of results.

As we’re located up in the “Great White North” (an ironic name given that Beanstalk is in Victoria, BC and we had all of 5 flakes of snow this winter) we’re used to putting ≷=us (standing for: Geographic Location = US) after a search query to mimic US results. Well that isn’t working today and we’re getting different results out of Canada with our own geographic specifiers, our US specifier and results from logging into our California servers. Normally a search with ≷=us and a search off our California servers will yield the same results – but not today.

I’ve also checked the same phrase with a client in Seattle who’s seeing a totally different set of results and Boston is seeing the same at in California.

And so the flux continues …

Ahhhh that days of the Google dance when once every 4 to 6 weeks there’d be a major shake-down and then stability for another month. Of course, if you got kicked in the butt in an update back then you had to wait out the month before you could expect to see any adjustments so there are pros and cons to both environments.

I’ve only had the opportunity to do a cursory analysis of this update. it appears (non-conclusively) to be related primarily to links. Site with large link growth aren’t being credited with those new links and sites with fewer links that are older are seeing a boost. This is always the case but we’re seeing it to a much larger degree on some of the datacenters. And in the end, the truth will likely lie somewhere in between. Again, this is based only on a preliminary analysis and should not be considered conclusive in the least.

Good luck you you all during the update. (unless you’re competing with our clients 😉

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