Google Confusion

In my daily surfing of SEO and SE headlines I stumbled on a good article by Site-Reference’s Mark Daoust. The article covers the recent changes occurring over at the Googleplex and seeks to enlighten regarding what’s causing them and what Google is now looking for (as well as touching on what they may do in the future).

For those of you who have yet to crack Google’s top 20 or who have watched your website slip out of previously held rankings and you’re not sure why this article is recommended reading. If you’re an SEO, webmaster, or just want a better understanding of what’s coming down the road then it’s definitely for you.

You can read the article in it’s entirety on the Site-Reference website here (Link removed – no longer available).

For more information on this topic here are some Beanstalk articles that cover similar themes regarding the new Google:

Google SEO Articles

And just as a reminder, everyone should periodically review Google’s webmaster guidelines. Add it to your Favorites (or Bookmarks for those of us using Firefox) and review it every month or two just for good measure. You’ll find the guidelines here.

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