Google Calendar, BJ & Tyler

The first order of business in today’s SEO blog world is to note the must anticipated launch of Google Calendar. The calendar service, free for anyone with a Google account (also free), is an excellent choice for those who wish access to their calendar online and don’t have software such as Ogden Point Software’s free Outlynk program.

The calendar includes such excellent features as email notifications, daily schedules and much more. Google’s press release on the tool gives good details however nothing beats just logging in and giving it a test drive. If you have a Google account (did we mention they’re free) you can do just that by visiting

One thing I don’t care for, as with many of Google’s products, is the search function (how ironic). While search is a great idea there’s just something about having Google “reading” all my events that somehow triggers a warning to me. Though admittedly that may be more due to the fact that I’m an SEO and really am not interested in handing Google the ability to snoop through and see what client’s I’m communicating with. Call me paranoid but I think I’ll stick with Outlynk. Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. 😉

As an aside …

For those of you who visit our blog regularly to keep up-to-date on the latest SEO news you’ll undoubtedly know that every now and then we like to post amusing tid-bits, especially when heading into long weekends. 🙂

Well today’s post comes with a huge sign of relief after watching yesterdays Amazing Race 9. I’ll admit that I’m addicted to this show. Since the last episode of Cheers it’s the first show that I’m actually willing to schedule my time around. Fortunately my wife and kids are equally enthralled so it’s easy to do. 🙂

Well last night was a nail-biter for all of us as our favorite team of BJ and Tyler looked to be set for elimination after a misturn took them 2 hours off course. That, combined with a 15 minutes penalty right at the end made it appear (due mainly to excellent editing) as though married parents Lake and Michelle Garner (like her but man he’s a jerk) were going to beat them to the finish line leaving BJ and Tyler headed home. But fortunately delays on their end set them back and “our team” won, much to the glee of anyone with a sense of humor and to the cheers of my 8-year old.

So a big congratulations go out to BJ and Tyler for a well-won round of this race after pulling it together during the challenges and setting excellent times. Thanks to you we get to look forward to next weeks episode. 🙂

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