Google Breakup, ComScore, Traffic Power, Aaron Wall & Ninjas

Today on Webmaster Radio Jim Hedger and I had the opportunity to discuss a number of topics. You can download the podcast of the show (recommended) in the next couple days from the Webmaster Radio site. It’s also a good idea to visit it as there are many great shows and information for all levels of listener.

In every show Jim and I take some time to discuss the latest goings-on in the search engine world. Here’s what we had for our listeners this week:

  • ComScore metrics – ComScore released it’s totals for the holiday season of 2007 with a 19% increase in sales over 2006 reaching over $28 billion in online sales. On boxing day the total crossed $545 million doubling boxing day sales from last year.
  • Danny Sullivan Article – Jim and I discussed one of the best pieced of predictive writing I’ve ever seen. Danny Sullivan wrote a great piece as a time traveling reporter from 2010 discussing the breakup of Google. While I doubt it’ll come true it’s an awesome piece that helps give us a small glimpse and one possible future we SEO’s and search marketers have in store for us.
  • Traffic Power and Matt Marlon – Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that’s always a sad day. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people and that’s … well … karma. Matt Marlon, ex-CEO of Traffic Power an SEO firm that got all their clients banned by Google was arrested for … you’ll never guess … fraud. Just like those website owners that he helped scam and get banned with Traffic Power, Matt seems to like kicking people when their down and has taken advantage of a horrible situation and (pardon my French) screwed people out of their homes during the forclosure issues. Personally I’m happy with the outcome and this time I don’t think he can try to sue Aaron Wall for reporting on it. 😉
  • Aaron Wall’s rants – and speaking of Aaron Wall, he’s been ranting over the last few days about the state of SEO. I can’t do justice to his comments save-to-say … I agree. THe lines of Walmart coming into the arena devalues the service. Fortunately (unfortunately for clients) they’re sure to realize that this isn’t the kind of service that can be bulk packages and whipped out at discount prices and still have some reasonable amount of quality control.

After a brief commercial break Jim and I came back with WeBuildPages’ own Jim Boykin (who I had the pleasure of meeting at SES San Jose last year. Jim has just launched InternetMarketing where he provides videos from some of the SEO greats and many free tools (if you’re willing to pay the $2,995 per year for the videos). I haven’t had a chance to view the videos and, as Jim notes, the service is offered more to do-it-yourselfers than SEO’s so I likely won’t however the names and topics covered are definitely spot-on. Maybe Jim will give me a free sneak-peek (hint hint Jim 😉 and I can report on it more thoroughly.

Good luck to Jim and the ninjas !!!

And in other news:

The latest article by Beanstalk is out. I wrote and article that changed considerable from idea to finished product (meaning there’s another coming out soon). The article is on finding a good SEO-friendly web designer and can be found on the Beanstalk site here.

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