Google Base

Google today announced the launch of Google Base, a free online resource for the selling of products and services online (and a whole lot more).

While the service itself is provided to increase the types of information the can be made available through Google including information that is otherwise not available online it also stands potentially to take a big bite out of eBay over time. Combine this with the largely anticipated launch of Google Wallet and voila – eBay & PayPal vs. Google Base & Google Wallet. Hmmmm …. I wonder who’ll be left standing 3 years from now. 😉

There’s not much in there yet but I’d highly recommend checking out Google Base at and become familiar with how it all works. If you sell a product or service then this free tool stands to be a fantasitc addition to your marketing arsenal. It currently has many limitations (see the article by Danny Sullivan referenced below) but it’s sure to be improved over time.

You can read their press release on the launch on the Google website at

There’s also a great article on Google Base by Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan at in which he discusses some of the limitations of the system (remember that it’s still in Beta).

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