Google Backlink Update

It appears that there’s a backlink update underway over at Google. Various datacenters are showing different results.

Mixed in with this backlink update, it appears that the backlinks Google is displaying are varying too. One client’s backlinks appear to be dropping from over 1,100 to just over 400 with none of their actual backlinks removed. It appears however that the majority of those no longer being displayed are from their own URL.

If this happens to you don’t distress, Google still sees them all – they just don’t show them publically. If anything this works better for those of you ranking highly as this limits what your competitors can see of your incoming links.

If you’d like to check multiple Google datacenters all at once without the hassle of visiting each one individually I’d recommend the “Datacenter Quick Check” on

Very good tool though is can get a bit bogged down and take a few minutes to run.

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