Google+ and its Potential Impact on SEO

Beanstalk’s Byron Mulcaster has just completed an excellent article on Google+ and it’s potential impact on SEO. This is of course a property early in it’s evolution and all our readers should be sure to visit our blog often as Byron will be writing followup articles as the evolution progresses.

Right now Google+ is set to be abused by SEO’s and webmasters and others in social media.  While Google works hard to counteract this the early adopters (SEO’s and nerds –  the people most prone to abuse the system to see what they do) we’re all trying to find the best marketing and SEO angles for ourselves and our clients.  And unfortunately for Google – one of the best ways to amass users and businesses is to open the gates and give us the benefits.  Well in this article Byron covers some of these benefits and how you can use them to further your site and marketing efforts.

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